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A Predictable Selling System means that despite a year like 2020, you can feel

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What is a Sales Call? The first aspect of sales you must be absolutely

Are you using Instagram in your sales funnel? If you’ve thought that Instagram was

Influencer marketing. Despite all outward appearances, working with influencers isn’t just high-fashion photos and

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We talk about story being an arc, but in many ways it is more

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Note: I’m giving myself a quick autumn break this week, so am posting this

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On a theoretical level, art often comes down to patterns. As readers and even

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I often talk about cohesion and resonance as being two of the most important qualities

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Of all the paired structural beats in a story, the Pinch Points are perhaps

Writing Your Storys Theme Book Launch 7nj4ki

Today I am officially launching my latest writing-craft book Writing Your Story’s Theme. Yay! This